Killer Ideas to Protect Your Business Computer Network

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When you’re operating a business, you’re going to have a lot of information to deal with. Almost any kind of work or documentation you send or receive will be done through the use of computers. The internet rules the world these days. So it’s difficult to imagine a business not making use of the internet enjoying any success.

But the trouble is computers are fragile creatures. And because they basically support your entire business network you need to look after them. See, computers are prone to damage, malfunction and viruses. And these can have a debilitating effect on the business. If your computer network collapses, your business won’t run. And then you’re losing business and letting clients down. So it’s imperative that you look after the computer network. This way you ensure that you protect the future of the business. This list will detail some of the best ways in which you can look after your computer network.

Password Protect

You’d be amazed at the number of people who don’t password-protect their computers. You should do this at home with your personal computer anyway. But in business this is even more important. The computers will likely have sensitive information on them. You don’t want this information falling into the wrong hands. For one thing, you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands from your clients. Make sure you password protect the Wi-Fi and the computers. And don’t make the password something obvious, it’s something only you should know. Also, make sure each staff member sets their own password for login.


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Use the Right Router

Another great way to give yourself extra protection for your computer network is to use the right router. Well, for a start the router needs a strong signal as you’ve got to be able to rely on it to work all the time. You want to go for something like an IEC 61850 certified cellular router supporting LTE. These types of router offer strong security attributes. They also offer protection against EMP and electrical surges that would kill other routers. You need a router that’s going to endure in almost any scenario. Because your business runs through the internet, you can’t have the router cutting out all the time. Make the right choice and protect the integrity and reputation of your business in the long term.

Back Your Data Up

Something you need to make sure you’re doing anytime you use a computer for work is to back up important things. Now, of course, you could save things on the computer, and no doubt you already do. But if the computer dies you’re a bit stuffed. You could use a disk or USB stick to back up the information as well. This is a good idea. But what if you lose it? The best and safest way these days is to make use of some kind of online storage system. For instance, you could use One Drive, Dropbox or iCloud. These are all online storage facilities that allow you to access work wherever you are in the world.



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